Basel III Professional Course Overview

Basel III is a global regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. Having initially been agreed upon by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, changes to The Accord have extended implementation to 31st March 2019. Basel III strengthens bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and decreasing bank leverage.

Basel III differs from Basel I & II in that it requires different levels of reserves for different forms of deposits and other types of borrowings, so it does not supersede them so much as it does work alongside Basel I and Basel II.

This complex and constantly changing landscape can be hard to keep up with, our course and training will help you manage likely changes and their impact on your institution. We are accredited with and a training partner to the Basel Certification Institute and as such the quality and suitability of our training and material is guaranteed to be up to date and effective.

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Basel III Course Syllabus

The seminar will give you the ability to:

  • • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the core concepts involved in Advanced Measurement Methods for allocation of capital to operational risk, their respective advantages and limitations.
  • • Prepare for the BaselCert Examination, which we can host at the end of the course (optional).
  • • Define hands-on strategies and techniques for the definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control of operational risk within a banking organization.

Introduction to Basel Norms

  • Brief History
  • Basel Committee – its main goals
  • Overview of Basel I
  • 1988 Basel Accord – 5 Capital Thresholds
  • Strengths of Basel I
  • Shortcomings of Basel I
  • Basel Capital Accord
  • Basel II in a Nutshell
  • Objectives of Basel II
  • Main elements of Basel II
  • Basel II and the Financial Crisis

What is Basel III?

  • The New Basel III Principles for risk management and corporate governance
  • The Quality of Capital
  • The Risk Weighted Assets
  • The Capital Ratio
  • Capital Ratios
  • Global Liquidity Standards
  • Capital Conservation
  • Leverage Ratio
  • Countercyclical Capital Buffer
  • Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs)
  • Systemically Important Markets and Infrastructures (SIMIs)
  • Pillar 2 Amendments: Stress testing
  • The Impact of Basel III
  • Conclusions

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Additional Information for the Basel III Course

Basel III Course Objectives:
• Preparation for the Certified Basel Professional Examination
• Define hands-on strategies and techniques for the definition, measurement, analysis, improvement, and control of operational risk within a banking organization

Who should attend the Basel III Course?

This training is only intended for individuals preparing for the Basel III certification exam.

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