PKI Course Overview

Net Security’s Public Key Infrastructure – Implement and Manage course helps any individual to gain knowledge in managing robust PKI and having better understanding of topics surrounding public key infrastructure. Moreover, the PKI course is a preparation for the increasingly critical component – which ensures confidentiality, integrity, and authentication in an enterprise. Our PKI course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to select, design and deploy PKI, to secure existing and future applications within your organization. It also gives a deeper look into the foundations of cryptography and the working principles of the algorithms being used.

Throughout the whole course, participants will gain in-depth knowledge on the following topics:

  • • Legal aspects of a PKI
  • • Elements of a PKI
  • • PKI management
  • • Trust in a digital world
  • • Digital signature implementation
  • • Trust models

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Course Syllabus

To introduce the student to the theoretical aspects of the foundations and benefits of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), including different types of encryption, digital signatures, digital certificates and Certificate Authorities.

To give students hands on experience of implementing and using PKI solutions with a variety of applications.

To give students an understanding of the concepts of evaluating and selecting PKI technologies

After completing the PKI course, each individual will be able to successfully design, setup, deploy, and manage a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Introduction to PKI

Basic cryptography

Practical uses for encryption and associated issues

Certificate Authorities

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Design and Implementation

Additional Information


Regardless of prior level of knowledge, any member of your PKI team can benefit greatly from our Managing Robust Training Course.

Who should attend

This course provides essential information to anyone designing, creating or maintaining a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and leveraging PKI to provide authentication and/or encryption for applications.