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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate was one of the top paying IT certification course for 2018. Because of the AWS platform’s growing popularity, there are currently not enough AWS-trained individuals to meet the rising demand for cloud computing across the world. With a high-opportunity market for AWS solutions architects and greater earning potential for trained employees, the Architecting on AWS course is perfect for those individuals looking to improve their cloud skills and pursue a valuable certification course.

AWS is a global leader architect among all Cloud Service Platforms. This course is designed for solutions architects; solutions design engineers, and anyone who wants to learn how to design applications and systems on AWS. Build our technical skills and progress along a path to earn Architecting on AWS Certification with the recommended courses, labs and exams. Through the medium of this blog, I am going to give you the top 5 reasons to learn AWS and to articulate it in our architecture:


This might easily be the most popular of the top 5 reasons to learn AWS and also use it. For people who are new and want to learn about the technology, AWS has a free tie available for access of one year. This is sufficient to get one started. AWS is extremely flexible and offers pay as we go approach which can greatly help serve our business needs. Flexible pricing greatly supports up-scaling or down-scaling the architecture as per the needs.


Location plays a very important role before we decide to pick a location for our servers to reside. Architecting on AWS is a global leader when we talk about cloud services providers. This architecture uses labels like Regions and Availability Zones for its Data centers. AWS architecture owns 44 availability zones within 16 geographic regions around the world.


While AWS is an extremely useful platform for backups and disaster recovery and it is also extremely reliable. Despite a high-profile outage earlier this year, an independent review found that since 2015, AWS has been “far better at keeping its public cloud services running than either Microsoft or Google”.  It is also found that 40 percent of the AWS platform’s total downtime during the same time period was tied to a single outage.


For some businesses, even a small amount of data loss spells disaster. For others, the cost of data loss does not outweigh the cost of maintaining a multisite/Hot Standby recovery method. But whatever our business’s tolerance for downtime/data loss may be, AWS’s versatile platform can provide us with the right tools for our disaster recovery plan.


Cloud security has always been a topic of debate but in AWS, security does that really well. Architecting on AWS assures the utmost level of security for both small and large scale businesses. The best thing is since AWS does this for us, we as a business owner does not have to worry about it. AWS also offers various compliance programs to some businesses with an extensive security support network which offers real-time insight on suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities.