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CCSP Certification Training | Virtual and Classroom


CCSP Training Course Basic Information

  • CCSP Training RRP is £1,795 + vat OR Click here for Todays’ offer Price
  • CCSP Training Training Duration: 35 Hours
  • 95.8% Certification Success in First Attempt
  • Classroom and Virtual batches available
  • Training delivered by Professionals
  • Dumps and Simulations available for Practice
  • Certified Trainers with enormous industry experience
  • Important Insights on Certification preparation

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DateLocationPriceCourse Booking
March 25-29, 2019London-Ealing£1,795 + vat
29th April – 03rd May, 2019London-Ealing£1,795 + vat
July 08-12, 2019London-Ealing£1,795 + vat



  • We recommend for all prospective CPSA students to have a basic understanding of IT security.
  • This training is only intended for individuals preparing for the CPSA certification exam.

CCSP Course Exam Information (English Language)

FORMATMultiple-choice, multiple-answer

CCSP Course Exam Info (Other* Languages)

FORMATMultiple-choice, multiple-answer

* French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean


Why  CCSK Training and certification from Net Security ?

The CCSK Certification is the best in Cyber-Security listed CCSK as the 1st on the list of top 10 Cloud Security certifications on the market.Thousands of major industries and successful businesses are desperately searching for qualified individuals with CCSK Certification. Knowing the in’s and out’s of cloud security is a constantly expanding field. People who complete our training often quickly jump into very well paid positions filled with exciting challenges and thrilling rewards.

If your employer wants you to get CCSK Certification or you have noticed this training is your most direct path to a lucrative career in CCSK Plus cloud security, we make it super easy for you to get started and succeed.

ccsk v4 training

The CCSK v4 Training provides a comprehensive knowledge of Cloud Security by providing you with necessary security practices to protect Cloud assets and way to improve your chance of successfully passing the CCSK exam. Our CCSK training is based on version 4 of the CCSK course and the version 4 exam.

The Cloud Security Alliance’s Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing seeks to establish a stable, secure baseline for cloud operations. It acts as a practical, actionable roadmap to individuals looking to safely and securely adopt the cloud paradigm.

CCSK Certification Course schedule

The Cloud Computing Security Knowledge class provides students a comprehensive schedule. Day one and two will offer a review of cloud security fundamentals and day three offers the practical behind the theory, in addition to the valuable knowledge, we will be preparing the student to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam.

CCSK Training and CCSK Exam Syllabus

Starting with a detailed description of cloud computing, the course covers all major domains in the Guidance version 4 document from the Cloud Security Alliance and the recommendations from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).
Our Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge CCSK training programme is geared towards security professionals looking to achieve the CCSK plus certification, also useful for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of cloud security. We recommend attendees have at least a basic understanding of security fundamentals, such as firewalls, secure development, encryption, and identity management.View the CCSK course v4 class syllabus below.

Course Syllabus:

This is a two day class that begins with the CCSK Basic training, over two days, followed by a third day, CCSK plus, of additional content and hands-on activities.

Domain 1 Cloud Computing Concepts and Architectures

  • Definitions of Cloud Computing
    • Service Models
    • Deployment Models
    • Reference and Architecture Models
    • Logical Model
  • Cloud Security Scope, Responsibilities, and Models
  • Areas of Critical Focus in Cloud Security

Domain 2: Governance and Enterprise Risk Management

  • Tools of Cloud Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management in the Cloud
  • Effects of various Service and Deployment Models
  • Cloud Risk Trade-offs and Tools

Domain 3: Legal Issues, Contracts and Electronic Discovery

  • Legal Frameworks Governing Data Protection and Privacy
    • Cross-Border Data Transfer
    • Regional Considerations
  • Contracts and Provider Selection
    • Contracts
    • Due Diligence
    • Third-Party Audits and Attestations
  • Electronic Discovery
    • Data Custody
    • Data Preservation
    • Data Collection
    • Response to a Subpoena or Search Warrant

Domain 4: Compliance and Audit Management

  • Compliance in the Cloud
    • Compliance impact on cloud contracts
    • Compliance scope
    • Compliance analysis requirements

Audit Management in the Cloud

  • Right to audit
  • Audit scope
  • Auditor requirements

Domain 5: Information Governance

  • Governance Domains
  • Six phases of the Data Security Lifecycle and their key elements
  • Data Security Functions, Actors and Controls

Domain 6: Management Plane and Business Continuity

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
  • Architect for Failure
  • Management Plane Security

Domain 7: Infrastructure Security

  • Cloud Network Virtualization
  • Security Changes With Cloud Networking
  • Challenges of Virtual Appliances
  • SDN Security Benefits
  • Micro-segmentation and the Software Defined Perimeter
  • Hybrid Cloud Considerations
  • Cloud Compute and Workload Security

Domain 8: Virtualization and Containers

  • Mayor Virtualizations Categories
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Containers

Domain 9: Incident Response

  • Incident Response Lifecycle
  • How the Cloud Impacts IR

Domain 10: Application Security

  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • How Cloud Impacts Application Design and Architectures

The Rise and Role of DevOps

Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption

  • Data Security Controls
  • Cloud Data Storage Types
  • Managing Data Migrations to the Cloud
  • Securing Data in the Cloud

Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management

  • IAM Standards for Cloud Computing
  • Managing Users and Identities
  • Authentication and Credentials
  • Entitlement and Access Management

Domain 13: Security as a Service

  • Potential Benefits and Concerns of SecaaS
  • Major Categories of Security as a Service Offerings

Domain 14: Related Technologies

  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile
  • Serverless Computing

ENISA Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security

  • Isolation failure
  • Economic Denial of Service
  • Licensing Risks
  • VM hopping
  • Five key legal issues common across all scenarios
  • Top security risks in ENISA research
  • OVF
  • Underlying vulnerability in Loss of Governance
  • User provisioning vulnerability
  • Risk concerns of a cloud provider being acquired
  • Security benefits of cloud

Risks R.1 – R.35 and underlying vulnerabilities

  • Data controller versus data processor definitions
  • In Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), who is responsible for guest systems monitoring

Cloud Security Alliance – Cloud Controls Matrix

  • CCM Domains
  • CCM Controls
  • Architectural Relevance
  • Delivery Model Applicability
  • Scope Applicability
  • Mapped Standards and Frameworks

Audience to the course:

The CCSP Course certification – a globally recognized professional requirement in the IT Security domain, is best suited for:

  • Professionals Interested in Obtaining the CCSP Course Credential
  • IT Security Professionals
  • IT Auditors
  • Managers, Directors and Executives
  • System Architects
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Risk Specialists
  • Business Analysts

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