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CREST Registered Penetration Tester Hacking is very popular among the youngsters and practicing it successfully gives goosebumps and lit up a spark in the eyes. In this era of smart technology, many youngsters have a strong passion and craze of commanding the computer systems, internet servers, and get access to the personal accounts of other people by their own and this is the primary reason that why many people, especially youngsters want to learn to hack.

But since every coin has 2 faces; with one being positive and other being negative; hacking also has a negative impact and that includes the stealing of the data and personal information of the targeted person, which is termed as a cybercrime. But access to someone else’s system is not considered as cybercrime in every case. When the fetching of data or supervision of someone’s computer systems, servers, and a database is done in a prior manner as well as under the authorized permission by following the proper criteria set by the governing council then this kind of hacking can be a healthy and is termed as Ethical Hacking.

Ethical Hacking is a technique that needs expertize and is learned with the passage of time. Students and professionals who have a strong interest in learning hacking begin to practice it with their own systems in their own backyard.

However, there are some courses that are pursued by many students to learn ethical hacking professionally in order to either serve in government security organizations or private organizations. One of the popular course that comes under ethical hacking is termed as CREST CRT, which is offered and governed by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers. After the completion of this course, the students are known as CRT (CREST Registered Testers).

CREST offers students to take an entrance examination for pursuing the course of a registered tester. The result of the entrance exam gives a brief about the ability of the students to carry the standards of a registered tester. The authorized board or council maintain the minimum standards of the course. This course has been designed to check the ability of the candidate to perform well in a fully designed course that will help the candidate to become a great professional in this field. Therefore, there various assessments and projects that are included in the criteria of this course to make the candidate an overall performer.

In the UK, the exam conducted by the CREST for CREST Registered Tester (CRT) is a kind of practical exam in which the candidates have to find the bug, flaw, or some sort of known vulnerabilities in a system or across a common network. There are various institutes in the UK that are offering the eligible students to learn and get trained in such fields.

Here are the top 7 Reasons You Should Become a CREST Certified Penetration Tester

  1. New and exciting opportunities with top-notch information security organizations and a chance to explore the depth of the new and challenging horizons.
  2. CREST certifications are recognized on the global platform.
  3. Opportunity to become a part of the expert community of testers and get a chance to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  4. A journey towards a structured and reputed career path.
  5. CREST is considered as the industry-leading Gold standard certification.
  6. CREST certification boosts the journey right from the entry in the industry as a fresher to the experienced senior level position.
  7. A dedicated and full proof plan including training, examination and career path to develop you and promote you for the next steps in life.

For penetration tester training in the UK, the student first has to clear the CPSA (CREST Practitioner Security Analyst) exam that is basic level examination to check the ability of the students whether he/she will be able to get trained on such things with the fact that syllabus going to become tougher and advanced. Hence, this basic level of CPSA helps the candidate to understand the level of knowledge he/she is acquiring at the moment. The cost for appearing for the CREST Registered Tester examination is £395 + VAT. Thus, this a great opportunity for the students that are interested in learning ethical hacking and want to make their career in the field of the penetration tester.

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