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CISM – Certified Information Security Manager | Live Online or Face-to-Face in Class


CISM Training Course Basic Information

  • CISM Training  Duration : 5 Days 
  • 95.8% Certification Success in First Attempt
  • Classroom based; instructor led
  • Certified Trainers with enormous industry experience
  • Detailed exam preparation

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04 – 07 May, 2020 London W1              
09 -12 Nov, 2020 London W1              




CISM Exam Info (English Language)

LENGTH OF EXAM 240 Minutes
FORMAT Multiple choice, multiple answer



ISACA’s Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification indicates expertise in information security governance, program development and management, incident management and risk management

Course Syllabus:

Information Security Governance

    • Establish and maintain an information security strategy, and align the strategy with corporate governance
    • Establish and maintain an information security governance framework
    • Establish and maintain information security policies
    • Develop a business case
    • Identify internal and external influences to the organisation
    • Obtain management commitment
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Establish, monitor, evaluate, and report metrics

Information Risk Management and Compliance

    • Establish a process for information asset classification and ownership
    • Identify legal, regulatory, organisational, and other applicable requirements
    • Ensure that risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, and threat analyses are conducted periodically
    • Determine appropriate risk treatment options
    • Evaluate information security controls
    • Identify the gap between current and desired risk levels
    • Integrate information risk management into business and IT processes
    • Monitor existing risk
    • Report noncompliance and other changes in information risk

Information Security Program Development and Management

    • Establish and maintain the information security program
    • Ensure alignment between the information security program and other business functions
    • Identify, acquire, manage, and define requirements for internal and external resources
    • Establish and maintain information security architectures
    • Establish, communicate, and maintain organisational information security standards, procedures, and guidelines
    • Establish and maintain a program for information security awareness and training
    • Integrate information security requirements into organisational processes
    • Integrate information security requirements into contracts and activities of third parties
    • Establish, monitor, and periodically report program management and operational metrics

Information Security Incident Management

    • Establish and maintain an organisational definition of, and severity hierarchy for, information security incidents
    • Establish and maintain an incident response plan
    • Develop and implement processes to ensure the timely identification of information security incidents
    • Establish and maintain processes to investigate and document information security incidents
    • Establish and maintain incident escalation and notification processes
    • Organise, train, and equip teams to effectively respond to information security incidents
    • Test and review the incident response plan periodically
    • Establish and maintain communication plans and processes
    • Conduct post-incident reviews
    • Establish and maintain integration amongst the incident response plan, disaster recovery plan, and business continuity plan

Audience to the course:

      • Experienced information security managers and officers
      • IT consultants and managers
      • IT auditors
      • IT security policy makers
      • Privacy officers
      • Network admin
      • Network security engineers

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