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Pen testing is growing to be a major part of IT security plans in any industry. crest registered tester are recognized people who can help in identifying, quantifying and mitigating risks targeting infrastructure, applications, and users in any company.  It just requires a recognized team of pen testers in a reputable company to give the background check. But how to choose the right pen testers, when the details they are going to work on is sensitive as well as is of paramount importance?

Pen testers are entrusted with almost all the data of a company, even the sensitive information, with plenty of suppliers offering penetration testing, not all can be reliable. To make the calculations of choosing a qualified and compliance penetration tester, CREST registered tester status and certification becomes a requisite to be attained. This certification also assures a remarkable safety to the client’s data when hiring a professional.

Why crest registered tester?

CREST is identified to be a non-profit organization that serves the needs in technical information and its security, which again requires regulated professional services offered to the industry.

In recent grounds, CREST is important in the client world to verify the competence of the hiring professional. The CREST certifications also point to progress in the organizational ladder for the professional. A crest certified professional is provided with the right direction of career progression as well as innumerable opportunities to maintain their standards as well as develop their knowledge in their field. In general, there is identified to be three levels in the life of a penetration testing professional. First being the vulnerability assessor with practitioner timing ranging up to 1,800 hours. The second level is the penetration tester with 6,000 hours of training and two years’ experience. The final is the certified professional with 10,000 hours and five years of proven experience. CREST has specific testing possibilities for professionals in all stages of their career.


Crest examinations are designed to assess the ability of penetration testing consultants. The professionals are regularly examined at a regular interval to ensure they have retained and are maintaining their capability in this field. This is one major step in ensuring the knowledge levels of all certified individuals and assurance on the individual’s qualifications to the hiring concern. CREST examinations are generally valued globally and are recognized to be a challenging part, tough to accomplish.

What are the benefits of CREST registered tester?

Any CREST (council of registered security testers) registered tester is identified by the hiring organization to be a reliable professional meeting the requisite demands in the market field. Crest provides organizations who wish to hire penetrating testing services from reliable sources, the assurance that the professional has eventually cleared the demanding assessment. They have high value in the market to be hired. As a standards-based organization, CREST can provide its members with a framework of guidelines, methodologies to ensure a cutting edge security testing at the workplace.

The advancements in career are a major position we turn up to. With being recognized as a high-rated professional, there are other seamless benefits to be acquired as a CREST registered tester bring in more learning, knowledge, and opportunities in work. It will pave the way for a brighter career start.