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Looking for a job to enter the world of Net security but not sure how it’ll be or if it’s what you’re looking for? Here’s everything you need to know about the good, the bad and the ugly before you jump into the Net security landscape.

1)      Now you can see this as a good or bad thing but there is non-stop simulation, you’re constantly having to learn new things as technology is in an ever constant state of change but so are the threats that come with it. It’s a continuous battle of intelligence and wits with hackers and attackers so you have to make sure that you keep up to date with the latest technical developments and then be creative in coming up with innovative solutions to combat the latest threats. For a lot of people, this is great, it means you’re always learning something new and it never gets stale and you constantly have a skill you can improve, although some people may see this as tedious and may not see the appeal.

2)      One frustrating aspect is that sometimes you may get work with companies that are too old-fashioned to fully take on your advice, whether out of ignorance or purely because they just don’t see the significance of it. They might see the whole concept of cyber security as just needing to get the newest software and then installing a basic firewall to protect themselves as opposed to the huge variety of actions they could be taking in order to shield themselves from attacks. So be prepared to explain the significance of protection in a way, people, not as versed in cyber security will understand in order to get your point across.

3)      Another highlight of working in Net security is that the industry tends to work together, even if working for rival companies everyone is working under the same risks and threats, this means that they’re mostly all prepared to share information and details in order to keep everyone safe as there is little to no advantage in going solo and not working together to make security better overall for all.

4)      At last the ugly side of it, a lot of the time working in an important role in a Net security job can unfortunately just be stressful. There is a lot of planning and effort that goes into each and every problem solved and you constantly have to be on the watch for threats which can sometimes mean longer work hours and some trial and error (mainly error) but if you’ve got the passion or the knowledge for it then these are really only minor annoyances when compared to the many benefits of working in Net security.      

5)      And lastly, probably the most important of the good that a Net security job has to offer…. the pay is usually great. The average security consultant reports earnings of between £52,500 – £82,500 per year and after hearing that the bad and the ugly don’t seem that important anymore.

 Well if after all this you’re still interested or maybe even more eager to start a career in Net security then why not start your training with Net Security Training today by signing up for one of our various amounts of courses.