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Why one should do Advanced Architecting on AWS?

Advanced Architecting on AWS is built on the concepts of the basics course on Architecting on AWS. However, this certification is considered as one of the toughest AWS certifications. But, the wealth of knowledge you gain after passing this certification is tremendous. This course is for individuals with experience in designing elastic and scalable applications to run especially on the AWS platform. In Advanced Architecting on AWS, you’ll be introduced the advanced AWS services, which includes AWS Storage Gateway and AWS Direct Connect to provide support to the hybrid architecture. You will get knowledge on building complex solutions, including governance, data services, and AWS security. The course will also include the ways to design best practices so as to build elastic, scalable, secure applications that are compatible with AWS.

Here are the other things you’ll get to learn from this course:

  • Applying Advanced Architecting Amazon Web Services Framework
  • Moving large amount of data from datacenter present on-premises to AWS
  • Managing the different organizational AWS accounts
  • Discussing the different billing difficulties to connect with VPCs in different regions
  • Designing and securing your data with encryption on AWS
  • Protecting your infrastructure from the Distributed DoS attacks

The given list of benefits doesn’t end just here. The Advanced Architecting on AWS Certification allows one to learn new skills and test them to apply your knowledge in the given working environment through various practical exercises.

How does the AWS Advanced Architecting Course differ?

If you’ve already joined the Architecting on AWS course (Associate Level), then you must be familiar with various lengthy hands-on labs, including one small group exercise. On the contrary, AWS Advanced Architecting includes important group exercises on a regular basis and few hands-on labs of smaller duration.

This course covers many of the issues that are not a part of other AWS courses. The prerequisites for advanced AWS Certified Solutions Architect require you first to pass the Associate level AWS Certified Solutions Architect examination. Plus, you need to have at least two years of practical experience in the design and deployment of cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services. The individual must possess skills for evaluating the cloud application needs and give architectural suggestions to deploy, implement and providing provisions to applications on AWS. One of the skills should be providing guidance on best practices on the architectural design on projects, enterprise, or multiple applications.

Besides acquiring the knowledge in AWS Solutions Architect, you can’t challenge yourself to build fault tolerant, scalable, repeatable and automatable solutions. While on the other hand, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, test all the skills in depth. So, the individuals who have just kicked off their career in AWS, this AWS certification is useful due to the following reasons:

  • It will improve your understanding of different AWS services and how they work collaboratively in robust architectures.
  • The course will take you to the next level in your career.
  • It will enhance your architecting skills by compelling you to think from various other perspectives

The Advanced Architecting on AWS offers your profile an additional advantage in today’s competitive job market. There may be a lot of certified individuals on the associate level, but it is difficult to find people with both certification and professional level knowledge.