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If you’re planning to get a CISPP certification, but not really sure of the effect the credential would have relating to your career, we’re here to guide you. This post will explore the 10 key reasons why you should choose to undertake CISSP certification. Keep on reading to know more.

Defining CISSP

The full expansion of CISSP  is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The CISSP certification is formulated by International System Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), a non-profit body that specializes in defining IT security standards. CISSP certified professionals hold expertise in defining the architecture, design, and control that assure the security of business environments.

Why you should get a Certification of CISSP?

There are innumerable benefits and reasons of why you should get the certification of CISSP. Here we’re listing the top 10 reasons you should definitely consider investing in the certification of CISSP.

  1. Adds Integrity and Recognition

The CISSP certified individuals are highly recognized by the most global giants like Google, IBM, P&G, etc. These major bodies acknowledge that it’s important to get CISSP certification to show an individual’s skills and knowledge about information security. It also demonstrates their exemplary commitment to the profession. However, a CISSP exam is not easy to crack, but if you choose to first take CISSP training in the UK, you can easily score well and have this certification. And once you acquire this certification, you’ll see it as the Gold standard for the issue of IT security worldwide.

  1. Wide Career Scope

Information security plays a pivotal role in any organization. So, the CISSP certification holders may find their job handling capacity evolving into a number of sophisticated skills. According to ISC2, “CISSP certification is a stepping stone for candidates, enhancing the marketability of a professional.” Moreover, CISSP UK certified professionals are no short of different job roles. With information security sector brimming up with potential, certified professionals are now an important part in organizations of all sizes, shapes, and types. Here CISSP certificated professionals can cater to a diverse range of roles, including network security, asset security, software security, disaster recovery, etc.

  1. Increase in Demand

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are on the hunt to hire qualified people with CISSP certification.  And with intensifying hacker’s activity across the world, enterprises have increased their spending on IT security to deal with security breaches. As a result, the allocation of separate budgets for the problem of IT security protection is leading to the rise in the hiring of CISSP professionals.

  1. Highest Paying Credential

As per the survey of Tech Republic, the CISSP professionals jobs rank at the 4th position in the highest paying jobs in the IT industry.

Global Information Security and Workforce study also note that the worldwide average salary of CISSP employees is 25% more than compared to their non-certified counterparts.

Some surveys by the research firms also show that the gap in the salary between ISC2 members and non-members is huge.

  1. Hike in Salary

The CISSP professionals receive salary hikes that are much higher than that for any other domain in the IT field, as per a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

The stringent standards require students to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in two or more of the eight (ISC2) domains. In addition, the student must finish a 250 question MCQ exam to achieve the certification.

As it is somewhat a difficult process, it requires students to get enrolled in a CISSP course in the UK to fully understand the framework and CBK of information security practices. Professionals with a CISSP certification demand an average salary of approx 60 lakh per annum in contrary to the non-certified people with 45 lakh per annum working in a similar job title.

  1. Most-popular IT certification

(ISC2) reports indicate that more than 140, 000 individuals are available with the CISSP credential in over 160 countries worldwide. The CISSP, since it was introduced in 1989 has been one of the most popular IT security certifications for more than two and a half decades. The statistics itself dictates about the worth certified professionals gain from acquiring a CISSP certification and its relevance.

  1. Most Stable IT profession

Information security has emerged as one of the most productive and stable professions in the IT industry these days.  As more than 80 % of the respondents in a survey prepared by Frost & Sullivan in 2013 have chosen to go for zero change in all of their job profiles in the foregoing years.

  1. Invaluable ISC2 Membership

Once you have done your CISSP certification, you are eligible to become an ISC2 member. The membership with suck kind of rare organizations offers a lot of benefits and resources that can further help enhance your network and expertise. Some of these benefits include the opportunity to earn CPE (critical for maintaining the good value of your certification), discounts on access to free online events and industry conferences, access to industry-leading giants like ISC Journal and the Global Information Security Workforce Study, allows you to digitally share your credentials online, access to security central resource that tracks vulnerabilities using proprietary, gaining industry recognition through events acknowledging distinguished information security professionals.

  1. Instilled with Success Factors

It is of no wonder that recruiters and organizations look for a specific set of skills when hiring information security professional. And all these traits are adequately covered and imparted by the CISSP curriculum. For ensuring success in the security domain, such skills are perceived as critically important.

So, if you take a certified information security professional training in the UK from a specialist provider of CISSP certification courses, you’ll not only receive all that skills and knowledge as success factors but will also definitely clear the CISSP exam.

  1. High Preference for Certificated Professionals

As per the study by Global Workforce, the knowledge certification weighs a lot in the advancement and job placement– having a deep knowledge and understanding considering the security field is the prime factor in the success of certified professionals. And this is followed by good communication skills, having around 70% of respondents considering certification as the necessary feature of competency.

You have to score more than 70% to clear the CISSP certification exam, and that’s not an easy task. Therefore, it is suggested for you take up a certified information security professional course in the UK before appearing in the exam. Don’t forget that the CISSP certification is just a onetime investment, which will help you reap the benefits over the entire lifetime of your career.